Regardless of whether you found a small leak in your gutters or a giant crack, you are in need of some repair! Gutters are one of those items that homeowners or business owners don’t really notice until they aren’t working properly. If you’ve noticed water gathering near your home’s foundation, it’s time to call in the local gutter professionals at Houser Roofing. We offer gutter repair and installation services for residential and commercial projects. Whether you need metal gutters for your home or business, we can help!

Residential and Commercial Gutter Installation

If you’ve noticed water gathering around the foundation of your home or business, you may have a gutter problem. Houser Roofing offers the following to South Texas residents and business owners:

  • Commercial gutter installation
  • Custom gutters
  • Gutters for metal buildings
  • Gutters for houses
  • Gutters for businesses
  • Seamless gutters (aluminum available)

We offer both five- and six-inch gutters as well as custom gutters so you can be sure that your gutters perfectly match the length and size of your building, whether a home or a business. If you need a new gutter installation, our professionals are trained and ready to help. We also offer gutter guards for new gutter installation projects. These protect your gutters from debris and prevent you from having to clean them out as often.

The Seamless Gutter Difference

Seamless gutters allow rainwater to flow freely without any debris getting caught on the seams. This will keep your gutters open, clean, and efficient, preventing overflow or water flooding around the foundation of your home or business.

The Benefits of A Gutter System

You may be considering installing new gutters on your home or business. At Houser Roofing, we strongly encourage you to install new gutters. The torrential downpours and occasional storms that roll through South Texas have the potential to do damage. When it rains, it pours in Texas. That’s why a strong gutter system is a great investment for your home or business. Here are some benefits to installing gutters and downspouts:

  • Redirect Water – A gutter system will redirect water away from your home or business. This saves your building from potential water damage issues, including flooding, pooling, or erosion.
  • Protects Landscaping – Water can wreak havoc on soft landscaping features around your building, including sod, bark dust, plants, shrubs, hedges, and more. A gutter system moves the water away from these features and protects them.
  • Avoid Basement/Foundation Problems – Once water floods a basement or seeps into foundation cracks, it will cause issues. Strategically installed gutters and downspouts will decrease the chance of basement or foundation problems substantially.
  • Preserve Exterior Doors – Water will cause exterior doors issues, whether the door is wood or metal. The best approach is to redirect water away from these areas the best you can. One way is to install gutters to keep roof water away from the building.

The Truth About Gutter Maintenance

It can be tempting to take gutter maintenance and cleaning into your own hands. Granted, it will save you a couple $100 annually, but you risk your safety in doing it yourself. Professional gutter maintenance and cleaning companies do reside in Sealy and the surrounding South Texas areas. If you do decide to maintain and clean your own gutters, remember the following advice to better protect yourself:

  • Wear heavy work gloves
  • Make sure ladders are secure
  • Clean your gutters on a dry day
  • Let a friend or loved one know you’re cleaning your gutters
  • Do not clean your gutters from the roof

Gutter Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your own gutters is possible. It can save you money. Here are some general tips to keep in mind so you can get the most out of doing it yourself:

  • Check gutters at least once a month
  • Clean gutters as needed
  • Seal gutter system leaks
  • Adjust gutter systems to flow water toward downspouts
  • Repair downspouts
  • Make sure water runoff is moving away from your home

Gutter Installation and Repair Professionals

When it comes to hiring a top level gutter company for your home, it’s time to contact the professionals at Houser Roofing. A gutter system is more than a water redirector; it’s an investment in your home. Keeping water away from the base of your home is extremely important. Water can cause damage that costs you more than a gutter system to repair later. Remember, you’re home is a long-term investment, and you want to protect it as best you can. Installing new gutters or getting your current gutters repaired is a great way to protect your home and your family. Let Houser Roofing know how we can help today!

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