Have you just moved into your first home and don’t have experience maintaining a roof? If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably exhausted from saving up money for years, hunting for the perfect house, and finally going through the long process of closing on it and stepping in the door for the first time. We understand that the last thing you want to think about is making repairs on your new home. However, it’s important to start understanding your home’s roof sooner rather than later so that you can begin to account for repairs and regular maintenance in your budget. In this blog, we’re going to talk about ten things that you should absolutely be aware of about your new roof.

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It’s not invincible

The first thing you should know about your home’s roof is that it’s not invincible. Although roofs are made out of durable materials, the elements will always work to deteriorate your roof, even if it’s just a little bit at a time. But that’s okay as long as you have a reliable roofing contractor on your side who will work with you and do everything possible to keep your roof in peak condition as long as possible.

Often times, new homeowners will wait too long to contact a trustworthy roofing contractor. Many people will wait until they have an emergency roofing situation, then call the first roofing contractor they can find. Don’t do this! Contact a dependable roofing contractor the moment you move into your new home so that you’re prepared for the worst.


Below are some common causes of roof damage:

Poor maintenance: If you haven’t gotten your roof checked recently, it may start to see deterioration, leaks, and wear and tear that will make it more susceptible to damage in the future.

Wind: heavy winds are known to weaken or rip off shingles, nails, or other parts of your roof without warning.

Snow and ice: when snow and ice build up on your roof, you’ll have a lot bigger problems than just the added weight. Ice can block your drains, cause roofing material to crack or distort, and open the door for a lot of other issues.

Poor installation: If your roof was poorly installed in the first place, you would have no way of knowing unless you asked the previous owners about it. Your best course of action is to call a qualified roofing contractor to inspect it.




It’s more than just looks

Your home’s roofing is not just for looks, it’s an important barrier between your home and the elements. What this means is, you shouldn’t be repairing it just to maintain your home’s curb appeal. You should always be thinking of what its main purpose is: protecting you and your family and allowing you to live in comfort throughout all times of the year. At first glance, you aren’t able to see all the work that goes on a roof and how it protects your home. However, your roof is made up of multiple layers that are designed to protect your home and look good while doing it.

Inside your home are the attic trusses and joists, on top of that is your decking, then the underlayment which prevents moisture from entering the attic, finally comes your shingles, metal, or tile, the final barrier against weather and the outdoors. It doesn’t stop there though, your roof has vents that allow air to circulate properly in your home, there are gutters that move rainwater away from the roof. Another important thing your roof does is protect your siding. Your drainage system will prevent water damage to your home’s siding and will prevent the growth of moss that could lead to further damage. It will also prevent anything from falling on it like trees or hail.

All of these things work together to make your home safe to live in, comfortable, and energy efficient. When you contact a roofing contractor for the first time, you need to make sure that they’re knowledgeable about all these aspects and will put your family’s safety and comfort above all else.

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