It can be daunting to stand in your front yard and look up and see a beautiful roof to only be told by a contractor you need a few repairs or a complete roof replacement. How can you trust someone who walked on your roof for a few minutes and decided you needed repairs or a complete replacement? The experts at Houser Roofing understand your pain. It’s tough to be told you need to spend money on something you cannot see for yourself. Sure, you could go up on your roof and inspect it yourself, which we don’t advise due to safety reasons. But do you know what you’re looking for? What deems a roof issue as a repair or an entire replacement? These are the types of questions our satisfied customers once asked our team before they hired us, and we aim to answer them for you.

7 questions to ask your roofing contractor in Richmond

Before you hire a contractor to repair your roof, ask them these seven questions to ensure you’re receiving the highest-quality work, and the best customer service possible:

How long have you been in business?

This question simply gives you an idea of how long they’ve been serving their community with their services, specifically roofing installation and repair.

Where is your business located and which areas do you serve?

You want to make sure your roofing contractor is relatively local in case of further repairs or service needs. This also protects you from the “traveling salesman” who collects deposit checks and never returns.

Do you have any local completed projects you can show me?

This proves the contractor is working in the area, and it gives you an idea of their quality of work. Although you may not know what exactly you’re looking for, the fact the contractor is taking the time to show you their work is a huge plus.

Who will be repairing my roof?

You want to ask this question to see if those working on your roof are qualified to do so. The worst feeling is having your roof repaired only to find out the experts caused more damage than what was there before.

Do you have any previous customers I can talk to?

If you can talk to two or three prior customers of your Richmond Roofing Contractor, you can get a feel for how the company operates. Were they helpful, careful, and professional with their communication? Did their work exemplify high-quality craftsmanship?

What would the timeline of my job look like?

You want to know when your repair will happen and how long it will take. Whether a minor repair or a major replacement, the timeline could mean vacating your home or other adjustments to complete your project.

Will you be pulling a permit for my project, if it is required?

A great question to include because the permit process could slow your project if the correct person does not take care of it promptly. Although the permit process differs between counties and cities, you will want to get this taken care of as soon as possible, whether you or your contractor are required to pull one.

Houser Roofing Contractors Serve Richmond and Beyond

Whether you need a roofing repair, replacement, or inspection, ensure you know who you’re working with. Although it takes a little bit more time to check into your potential contractors, it’s worth the cost in the long run to avoid damages, liability, or other negative circumstances. Houser Roofing serves Richmond and the surrounding areas for all your roofing needs. Give us a call today!