No matter the season in Texas, the weather is a constant hazard. Whether it’s the sun, the rain, the wind, or a combination of all three, it’s inevitable that our homes will sustain some damage due to inclement weather. Nonetheless, you can take some proactive measures to reduce or eliminate potential roof hazards from around your home. In the following post, your Richmond roofing contractors, Houser Roofing, will discuss some great ways to damage proof your home and save yourself some money when it comes to roof repairs.

Potential Roof Hazards

The list is not exhaustive, but it can be somewhat nerve-wracking to consider all the possible ways your roof could sustain damage. Nonetheless, we’re going to explain a few of the popular causes of roof damage so you’re aware of what could happen to your own roof.


As rooted and stable as trees seem, they do have a tendency to fall over with enough force. When they do fall, it’s no small occurrence. The weight of a tree, its branches, and the overall damage can be devastating.

If you have trees around your house, give them a trim or call a local professional to take care of the branches for you. In some cases, you may need to drop some trees to ensure the safety of your home and integrity of your roof.


Although rain seems harmless, it can cause minor to moderate damage to your roof. If your roof has already sustained damage, water may be able to leak inside, which will destroy the integrity of your roofing. This results in roof damage most homeowners cannot see from the ground. A great way to combat rain roof damage by rain is to have a Richmond contractor come out and inspect your roof.
Snow and Ice

The weight of snow and ice may cause your roof to buckle or collapse, which means more than just your roofing will need replacing. If snow or ice gathers on your roof consistently, consider giving a removal professional a call to keep your roof clear and intact.

A great way to combat rain roof damage by rain is to have a Richmond contractor come out and inspect your roof.


As most homeowners in Texas know, the wind is a factor when it comes to home damage. Whether the wind is carrying objects or it blows shingles or metal off your roof, it can wreak havoc on your home. Regular roof inspections, at least twice a year could mean the difference between major roof damage or a simple roof repair.

When You Need Roofing Repair The Most

We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality craftsmanship and the best customer service in Richmond and the surrounding areas. As a Top Rated Local® roofing contractor, we want your roof to be the best that it can be. Roof hazards, if present around your home, can be managed. Give your local professionals a call to remove hazards, and if you need a roof repair or inspection, feel free to contact our team at Houser Roofing!