You may be in need of a new roof? Do you have a new home and want to add metal roofing to it? Houser Roofing in Sealy is here to help you decided if tin roofing is the best option for your Richmond home or garage. When you think of a tin roof, what comes to mind? Most homeowners have been to a friend’s house and listened to rain pitter-patter on the roof. You also may think of how a tin roof may attract heat, causing more expensive utility bills. Nonetheless, we’re here to share the pros and cons of tin roofing to help you make the best decision possible.

What is a Tin Roof?

The term “tin” is usually interchangeable with other roofing materials like steel, metal, or galvanized. However, tin is somewhat rare when used as a roofing material, which is one reason why we want to share the pros and cons of the material with you.

Tin is an element like zinc or copper. It was widely used as a canning material, but as money got tight, rural homeowners in the 19th century and the like flattened out their tin and added it to their roof as “shingles” where necessary. When aluminum was created, it replaced tin. Typically, those looking for a tin roof are enthusiasts of material.

The Cons of a Tin Roof

The Price: Since tin is a somewhat rare roofing material to use, it can be a little more expensive to use for your home, garage, or barn.

The Durability: Although tin is considered a “metal” roof, it can be dented. Whether you get a serious hail storm, or an object collides with your roof, it may sustain damage. Tin is a great material to use for roofing, but you’ll want to make sure and budget repair costs.

The Noise: Depending on the homeowner, this could be a nuisance. Your insulation and other structural components do damper the noise a tin roof may create when it rains, but it is relatively noticeable.



The Pros of a Tin Roof

The Nostalgia: As mentioned above, tin roofing is for the enthusiast and ex-DIYer. Tin roofs offer a unique look, feel, and sense of pride for those in love with the rural-ranch house in a rainstorm.

The Sound: A tin roof will be noisier than most roofing materials when it comes to rain, hail, or other natural weather patterns. However, the enthusiasts prefer the sound of raindrops on the roof.

The Style: When you choose tin for your roof, you are making a statement. Not many homes use tin as roofing anymore, so you’re going to be the unique home in the neighborhood. Tin also compliments the rural or ranch style home. Also, if you have a barn, tin looks great on accessory buildings.

Energy Efficient: The common misconception is that tin, metal, or steel roofs are not energy efficient. A tin roof does offer a reflective property, depending on the color you choose. Lighter colors tend to reflect more light than dark colors, which means heat is reduced.

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