Maybe you’ve found a leak in your roof, or perhaps you know that it has been quite some time since you last had your roof replaced. Either way, it might be time for some repair work for your Richmond home. That’s why we at Houser Roofing are here to help! Now that the summer months are upon us, this might be the best time of the year for us to work on repairs (or even a replacement!) for your current roof.

Why Summer Roof Repair?

When we take a look at all the seasons, summer becomes the obvious choice to have any major work done on your home.

  • Winter: This is usually the least popular option for repairs, as the cold temperatures can bring snow and get in the way of our work! Even if it never snows, sleet and ice can still ruin a roofing job before we even get partway through it. Not only that, but roof shingles and other standard roofing materials have a tendency to freeze, harden, and possibly crack under the pressure of the tools. If that isn’t enough, the adhesive roofing materials will not hold up when the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Spring: Spring would make the most sense for some people, but we know that the Richmond weather can shift during this time, as well. This the part of the year with the most unpredictable storms that can cause a major delay on a roofing project, especially larger repair work or replacements. A pause in work means breaking out tarps, pausing on rainy days, and making the entire process much longer than it needs to be.
  • Fall: This time is beautiful and perfect for roofing—meaning, it’s usually the busiest time for us. Almost everyone is hurrying to prepare their roof to withstand the upcoming winter months. Those who don’t get their roof taken care of in time end up calling for emergency services after the cold strikes and their house starts seeing some significant damage. Don’t fight the rest of Richmond for our services; choose a summer repair instead.

Save Cost

If you have taken any economics classes in your life, you have probably heard about supply and demand influencing the price of everything in our lives. With that in mind, oftentimes prices rise during the fall since roofing projects are so in demand. And, this price increase does not speed up the rate at which roofs get completed. The waiting list just gets longer, and people have to wait until late in the season to see the repairs they need to be done get completed.

Summer is Best

Summer tends to have the most consistent weather, meaning that just about every day is just as good as the next day for roofing repair. Since the weather is less volatile, projects can usually be completed quickly. And, with the low to moderate demand for service, it’s more likely that you can schedule your repairs without worry. Contact Houser Roofing today to schedule your summer roofing repair!