It’s almost December and in no time you’ll need to be ready to put up your Christmas lights. This is no easy task though and most people spend a lot more time than they initially planned on putting them up. Sometimes it’s a light that’s burnt out, an outlet that doesn’t function properly, or maybe you damaged your roofing or drainage while trying to put the lights up. If this has happened to you before, you’ll want to be extra careful this year to avoid it happening again. In this blog, we’ll talk about the proper way to put up lights on your roof this year.


1.) Check your lights

If you want to have the lowest chance possible of damaging your roof while putting up your Christmas lights, start by checking all your materials before you’ve put them on the roof. This means plugging in your lights to make sure no bulbs are burnt out and checking your wreath to make sure there are no broken ornaments or lights. This means less time spent standing on your roof or on a ladder and fewer opportunities to break tiles. Checking your lights and using an extension cord for outdoor use will also help to avoid potential fire hazards.


2.) Set your ladder properly

It’s important to set your ladder properly if you want to avoid damaging your roof or drains. Check your ladder beforehand to make sure it is stable and doesn’t wobble around. Additionally, use a ladder that can stand on its own rather than one that needs to lean up against the house. This will also be a safer option for you in case it’s icy, so make sure you plan ahead to make sure your ladder will suffice. You’ll also want to make sure it’s set up on a flat surface so that it won’t fall onto your roof or knock you off.


3.) Take your time

Once everything is set up and ready to go, make sure you take your time with setting up your lights and wreath, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! When you go up the ladder, make sure you have the lights neatly organized in one and the other hand on the ladder. It’s important to have three points of contact at all times.


When you go to clip them onto the roof, never overextend your reach. It’s better to spend the extra time climbing down the ladder and moving it than potentially falling on your roof’s drain and damaging it. On top of that, it will be much safer for you and you’ll be less likely to get injured. If you’re standing on the roof hanging up a wreath, walk slowly and try not to put all your weight on a single tile.


4.) Taking them down

Removing your Christmas lights can oftentimes be just as difficult or more difficult than putting them up. Make sure you follow the same procedures like placing the ladder properly and taking your time. Make sure you don’t yank lights off the roof because you could damage the roof or your lights. Once everything is put away, make sure to check your roof to see if any damage was done to it.


Whether you’ve damaged your roof or gutter while putting up Christmas lights or a wreath or you just need new roofing altogether, your Top Rated Local® Roofing Contractor, Houser Roofing, is here to help. We operate in South Texas and do everything from siding and gutters to shingle and metal roofing. Contact us today for roof repair!