Don’t feel bad if you don’t care about your roof until there’s a problem with it. You’re not alone. Homeowners in Katy and the rest of South Texas don’t think of their roof until a leak, damage, or another inconvenience forces them to pay attention. That’s why your roof repair experts servicing Katy want to share some common roof repair myths so you don’t get swindled the next time a door-to-door salesman or storm chasers knock on your door.

Nine Roof Repair Myths

Myth #1 – Ventilation is not a priority

Truth: Your roof needs to be able to breathe. Warm air needs to be able to escape your attic and other internal structures. A string of hot summer days will bolster attic temperatures and can lead to roof damage issues or an increasing electric bill.

Myth #2 – The attic needs heat

Truth: Your attic is not a part of your home’s living space. It’s separated and insulated so it does not need to be heated. You’ll want your attic to be a few degrees warmer than the outside temperature, which occurs naturally due to external temperatures and internal heating efforts. This reduces condensation and the chance of roof or attic damage due to water.

Myth #3 – Insulation is not necessary

Truth: Building codes change at least once every few years and sometimes sooner. It’s important to work with a professional residential roofing contractor to determine what your home actually needs to be up to code and perform at an optimal level for you.

Myth #4 – Replace your insulation on your own

Truth: If you decide to replace your own insulation and do not recognize it, do not touch it. Homes built before 1990 can have vermiculite insulation, which contains asbestos. It’s best to have a professional out to test the insulation before you take any further action and have it removed.

Myth #5 – Push bathroom air into the attic

Truth: In most cases, warm bathroom air is humid. This can result in condensation. Pushing this humid air into the attic is asking for trouble with your roof, insulation, and everything in between. It’s best to vent your bathroom air to the outside.

Myth #6 – Pot lights don’t need to be sealed

Truth: Pot lights require you to cut a hole in your ceiling to install them. They give off heat while on. This heat, if the light is not sealed properly, will leak into the attic. This can lead to problems like increased energy bills, decreased roof integrity, and more.

Myth #7 – Skylights are easy to install

Truth: Skylights are like any other feature that interrupts your roof in its natural ability to deter water away from your home. A skylight installation needs to be taken seriously and completed by a professional. A poorly installed roof feature will eventually lead to leaks and water damage. For the most part, skylights are not easy to install.

Myth #8 – Flashing is an aesthetic feature

Truth: Flashing is what keeps water from getting between your home’s structure and your roofing. For example, flashing is installed around a chimney to seal the space between the roofing and the brick. This prevents water from leaking inside your roof and causing damage.

Myth #9 – It’s better to install new shingles over old ones

Truth: You want your professional roofer to remove your old shingles before installing new ones. When a company states that it’s acceptable to cover the old shingles, they’re simply trying to avoid the necessary labor to complete the job properly.

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