Dark stains or streaks across your roof are not normal. These are not your roof’s “wrinkles” as it gets older. In most cases, these stains and/or streaks are due to a microscopic organism called Gloeocapsa magma, a dark green algae. The algae develops due to moisture and humidity. In Texas, we have plenty of that, especially in Sealy. So, if you see these dark stains or streaks across your roof, it’s time to get rid of them!

In this post, we share how to get rid of the algae and some preventive measures to take so it doesn’t return. Want to install a new roof entirely? Call Houser Roofing today! Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

Remove Dark Streaks And Stains

It’s always good to clean your roof at least twice a year to keep dark stains and streaks from developing in the first place; however, not everyone has the time nor patience to do this. Nonetheless, you want to start with the type of cleaner to use:

The Cleaner

Your first choice should be biodegradable cleaner that’s lye and bleach free. This is the optimal solution to roof cleaning, as to clean your roof and keep the environment safe due to the runoff.

Remember, chlorine bleach is highly toxic to the environment. Although it will work in cleaning your roof, it will negatively affect the nature it touches surrounding your home. If you want to use chemicals like bleach, go for the oxygenated bleach, which is less invasive and not as harmful to nature or your family.

The Process

Stay safe if you’re climbing up onto your roof. We strongly encourage you to call a professional to clean your roof; however, if you want to DIY this process, remain safe.

Next, do not use a pressure washer, as it may damage your roof further and void any material/manufacturer warranties. Instead, use a garden-pump sprayer or the garden hose, if you have one long enough.

Quick Roof Cleaning Tips:

  • Stand only on dry areas
  • Start at top (peak/ridge) of roof
  • Spray in four-columns or thinner
  • Leave solutions on for at least 15 minutes
  • Do not let cleaner dry
  • Use water to rinse cleaner off
  • Repeat process no more than once, if necessary

How to Prevent Algae Growth

It’s relatively easy to prevent algae growth on your roof. It can save you money and time to invest in algae prevention methods. Here are a few to consider:

  • Install zinc or copper stip at top of roof
  • Keep roofs exposed to sun
  • Clean gutters and roof valleys frequently
  • Remove debris from roof

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