Did you know in Texas there were a recorded 497 hail storms and 1095 total storms in 2018? As a homeowner, it’s important to understand that your home is at risk whether it’s storm season or not in the Lonestar state. What’s more, you will want to understand what consists of actual roof damage to your metal roof so that you can call your trusted contractor to come inspect what you’ve discovered or simply come out and fix your roof. In this article, House Roofing will share how you can identify hail damage on your own.

Signs Of Hail Damage

When a storm rolls through your area, you may be tempted to try and protect your roof. The best course of action is to remain in your home and wait it out (unless otherwise instructed by authorities or emergency services). It’s dangerous to be outside during a hail storm. That’s why a metal roof on your home is so important. It protects you, your family, and your home. Here are the general signs of hail damage:

#1. Dents

Look for dents in your gutters, metal roof, downspouts, or gutter screens. Hail can devastate your home in a variety of ways. Dents are the first sign that you have a roof that needs repairing.

#2. Missing Pieces

If your metal roof is missing panels or portions of panels, you have roof damage. Hail is dangerous enough to dent and then remove roof panels if enough of it hits a general area enough.

#3. Cracked Metal

Your metal roof is durable and tough, but enough hail can crack it. In some cases, roofers will call the metal “torn,” which may sound odd. However, the term torn refers to cracked metal, which looks like a torn piece of paper. What’ll see with a cracked roof is a dent or divot surrounding a small fracture in the metal.

Why Repair Your Metal Roof Now?

If another storm is coming, why should you repair your roof now? It’s a valid question, and one that House Roofing gets asked quite often. Nonetheless, your roof needs to properly protect your home or else the storm that “comes later” is going to cause further home damage that costs three to ten times more than simply repairing your roof. For example, water damage can transition into mold, which requires mold remediation. This process alone can tally up a bill that’s much more expensive than a roof repair.

How Much Does A Roof Repair Cost?

As a homeowner, you’re concerned with the cost of keeping your home safe and protected. We understand completely. The best way to discover the cost of your roof repair is to schedule a free inspection with us. We’ll come out after a storm and do our best to get your roof back in working order, as well as give you an estimate of the work needed.

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