Have you decided to install a metal roof on your Sealy home? How exciting! At Houser Roofing, we enjoy it when our customers decide to go with metal roofing. It’s a durable, tough material that weighs much less than other comparable materials, including shingle or comp roofing. What’s more, metal roofing comes in a variety of colors you won’t find with other roofing materials. The design and style conscious individual will have a wonderful time choosing their metal roof color to complement or contrast their home in a unique way. Ready to get a FREE metal roof estimate? Contact Houser Roofing in Sealy today.

Why Your Metal Roof Color Matters

Most would consider the color of a roof to be primarily a design decision. It’s meant to complement or contrast your home’s exterior color and style. This is true; however, there are other reasons the color of your metal roof matters. The primary reason is energy efficiency. Lighter shades of metal reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it, which can help with reducing heat gain through the roof itself. Furthermore, metal roofing is fire resistant, lightweight, and comes with, in most cases, better manufacturer warranties than other roofing materials.

Match Your Home Aesthetic

When choosing your metal roofing color and material, it’s best to either complement or contrast the colors, match the style, and find an effect that meets your expectations. In most cases, homeowners go for complementing colors that match the overall style, which is a great option. If you want to be a little different, you can go with a contrasting roofing material color to set your home apart from the rest in your neighborhood.

Remember, take your desired metal roofing color choices and compare them to your current home’s colors at different times during the day. The varying degree of sunlight will affect how the colors look depending on the angle and intensity of the light. Some customers find that they chose a beautiful blue color only to discover it looks purple in the dusk sunlight, which doesn’t match their homes overall color scheme. The best option is to compare your color choices to your home in the morning, afternoon, and evening to get a comprehensive color experience.

Metal Roofing Effects

Depending on the type of metal roofing you choose, the effect you’re going for can vary. A traditional metal roof will give more of a rustic look to your home. Want to go contemporary? Consider a metal standing seam for your roof. Not sure which style of metal roofing to choose? Contact Houser Roofing. We’re your local roofers in Sealy with decades of experience.

Finally, the style you want to achieve and the colors you choose have an effect on your home. Typically, lighter colors make things look taller, seeing that the shades blend into the sky better. Darker colors, conversely, make buildings look shorter, contrasting the sky, in most cases. Using this information you can use a low pitched roof look taller with a lighter color. Use a darker colored metal roof to make a steep pitched roof look less overwhelming.

Consider Roof Pitch And Architecture

Now that you’ve worked through color, style, and effect, lets’ touch on a subject most metal roofing contractors prefer not to mention: roof pitch and architecture. The roof pitch will determine how visible your roof is to the naked eye. Those driving past and glancing over at your roof or those standing in the yard looking up at the roof will see more of it with a steeper pitch. This means that the metal roof installation needs to be much cleaner with a steeper pitched roof to look nice. Here’s the catch, a steeper roof is harder to affix roofing to, in general, this is why finding the best metal roofing contractor in Sealy and the surrounding area is imperative. If you want a great looking metal roof, choose Houser Roofing.

The roof architecture varies between homes. A home with one ridge and two sides is pretty easy to handle for most contractors. However, when you add pitch changes, valleys, hips, dormers, and more, it poses a challenge for any roofing contractor. Metal roofing is a great option, but for it to work properly, it needs to be installed correctly. Make sure and ask how difficulty the type of metal roof you’ve chosen will be to install.

Are you ready to discuss replacing your current roof with a metal roof? Contact Houser Roofing today!