As most metal roofing contractors know, the fall is one of the busiest times for roofers. Homeowners across the nation are hurrying to get their roofs replaced or repaired before the winter hits. However, your local roofer in Sealy can install a metal roof during the winter. In fact, Houser Roofing wants to share some details in this blog article about how that works and what you can expect during the process.

Metal Roofing Compared To Other Materials

For most roofing materials, you want to have them installed in any other season than winter. Granted, you could probably install most roofing materials during the winter without much detriment to the quality of the material or installation process. However, the best choice is to wait until spring, summer, or fall to install.

Metal roofing, on the other hand, is a great material that can be installed year round. The material does not have adverse effects due to the cold temperatures, moisture, or installation technique. The common misconception with metal roofing is that it must be installed during the warmer months because it is metal; this is simply not true. Metal material is not subject to bending, cracking, or splitting like asphalt shingle roofing material due to the cold. What’s more, metal roofing is designed to shed water, which means it does not need to be “protected” when stored like other roofing materials.

The Benefits Of Metal Roofing

If you’re in need of a new roof, and you’ve waited until a colder season like fall or winter to get started on the project, you have nothing to worry about. Most homeowners believe that they must get their roofs installed before the colder months hit. In fact, metal roofing, as mentioned above, can be installed during any season. Here are the benefits to metal roofing you may not be aware of:

#1. Longevity

On average, metal roofing is one of the longest lasting roofing materials currently on the market. When installed properly, metal roofing can last between 30-60 years. What’s more, the maintenance cost of metal is lower than most other roofing materials, even though its up-front cost is above average.

#2. Weight

Compared to other roofing materials, metal is an extremely light material for your roof. This does two things. It reduces the weight-load on your roof, which leads to a less likely chance of collapse during those heavy winter months. Next, lightweight metal roofing is relatively easy to install due to its weight. Unlike asphalt shingles, metal roofing takes less effort and less time to install, which leave your roof at less of a risk during installation to sustain any kind of weather damage.

#3. Fire Resistance

Your metal roof will be fire resistant. In the unfortunate event that a tree catches fire nearby your home, any burning branches that fall onto your roof will not catch your roof on fire. This a great benefit to those with homes near or beneath large trees.

#4. Energy Efficient

One of the most surprising benefits is that metal roofing is one of the most energy efficient materials on the market. Asphalt shingles absorb the sun’s rays where metal roofing reflects a majority of it. This leads to your AC unit not working as hard to keep your home cool.

#5. Snow And Ice Shedding

A great feature of a metal roof is that it sheds snow and ice better than any other roofing material. The heat conduction of the material heats up the snow and ice, making it melt faster, which sends it off the roof sooner. What’s more, metal roofing can be modified to hold snow on the roof until it melts with low profile metal rails.



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