As a homeowner, you need to know a lot of things about your home. What year did you install your AC unit? How long has it been since your last home inspection? Do you need to replace your roof? These are only a handful of must-knows for homeowners. In an effort to be more helpful to you and your journey as a homeowner, Houser Roofing wants to share the four common types of storms that have the potential to damage your metal roof. This way, if you see one of these storms heading toward your area, you can best prepare and protect your roof — or at least have your expert storm damage repair roofer scheduled to inspect your roof.

Four Common Storm Types

Your roof fulfills multiple duties for you and your home. The primary duty is to keep the external weather out. When your roof is damaged, it may let in water, cold/hot air, or critters. All of which can cause major damage to your home. Here are the four common types of storms to watch out for:

#1. Hail Storm

If you have a metal roof, you know the noise of fat raindrops. But have you ever heard the transition from raindrops to hail? The sound of rain is tranquil and peaceful. Hail, on the other hand, delivers a jolt of worry and concern to your very core. Will your roof survive? How much will the damages cost? It’s best to give your expert storm damage repair roofer a call if you know a hail storm is on its way. The quickest way to prevent further home damage is to have your roof inspected immediately after the storm.

#2. Wind Storms

Texas does have tornados. Houston and the surrounding cities like Sealy, La Grange, and Katy all have moderate to high chances of experiencing a tornado, even though the area is not technically in tornado alley. Nonetheless, metal roofs are highly resistant to wind damage. The best course of action is to either inspect your roof to see if a recent wind storm did damage or call out your local roofing experts to complete a free inspection for you.



#3. Rain Storms

Yes, rain can damage your roof. Though, it takes quite a bit of rain to do so. Also, rain is usually coupled with wind and sometimes hail. This means that if your home is weathering a storm, make sure and get it inspected afterward as soon as possible. The combination of wind and rain could cause damage and ultimately a leak that does costly damage.

#4. Debris

During storms, trees, brush, debris, and more can get caught up in the wind or be ripped from the ground. This means that your roof may sustain impact damage. This type of damage can cause metal to bend, tear, or even be completely remove from your roof. The best way to prevent impact damage is to ensure your property’s trees, stumps, brush, and debris is trimmed and secure.

Get Your Free Roof Inspection Today

Houser Roofing offers free roofing inspections to its south Texas residents. In fact, those in Sealy, La Grange, and Katy can benefit from an inspection during this time of year. Storms, hurricanes, and more are all ripping through the Gulf, and we all need to be prepared to repair our homes as soon as possible — to keep from more storms doing more damage. Contact us today to get on our schedule.