Your roof is an integral piece to the integrity of your home. It keeps the external environment at bay while also keeping your home and family safe. What happens when your roof gets a leak or sustains damage? Do you simply call for a roof repair, or do you have it inspected first? At Houser Roofing, we’ve serviced Katy roofs for years, and we suggest you get a roof inspection before you pay for repairs. If you and your home can last long enough to get multiple inspections from various companies, you can determine with confidence what needs to be repaired and who exactly to call. That’s why Houser Roofing offers FREE metal roof inspections to Katy homeowners.

Metal Roof Inspection Process

You deserve the highest standard of customer service possible. Your roof is a home feature you cannot go without, and when it’s got a leak or substantial damage, your home and family are at risk. That’s why you need to make sure you know what to expect when a local roofing contractor inspects your metal roof.

Step #1 – Check the integrity of metal sheets/shingles

The contractor should get onto the roof and inspect the general integrity of the metal roofing material. Does the seam overlap properly? Does it still keep water out? Does it function properly? The goal here is to make general notes about any potential damage, leaks, or otherwise.

Step #2 – Search for damage

Next, the roofing contractor should search for obvious damage to the roof. This can be anything from a bent panel, missing panels, or tear in the metal from blunt force or wind. Once these areas are identified and noted, the contractor will move on.

Step #3 – Check for compromised fasteners

The fasteners that attached your metal roof to your Katy home can be defective. This can result in fastener seals loosening, seals breaking, fasteners missing altogether, or fasteners being too tight, which can all lead to leaks.

Step #4 – Check trim, fascia, and soffit

Metal roofing requires flashing and trim to seal the edges or where the metal meets other roofing features. This keeps the water out. In some cases, wind, rain, or hail can damage trim, flashing, or soffit enough to allow for water, debris, or critters to get beneath or inside your roof.

Step #5 – Inspect where your metal roof meets the gutter system

In some cases, metal roofing and gutter systems can have trouble coexisting on the eaves of buildings. Depending on the roof overhang and the gutter width, it can cause issues. If the roof is too long, it will drive the water off the roof and beyond the gutter. If the roof is too short, it can allow water into the building. Furthermore, the gutter needs to be installed properly to catch as much water as possible. If any of these factors are present, your roofing contractor should be able to identify and note them.

Step #6 – Metal roof repair estimate

Your contractor will provide an estimate on how much it will cost to repair your metal roof. In some cases, contractors can give you a bid directly after an inspection. Some will take up to 72 hours to send over an estimate.

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