Depending on the storm, you may or may not need storm damage repair. In fact, most storms simply put pressure on your metal roof, but they do not damage it. Granted, this is the common outcome, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Did you know hurricane Harvey was estimated to have caused $128 billion dollars worth of damage in Houston alone. Surrounding cities like Katy, Sealy, and La Grange all saw the same storm, which require a ton of roof and home repair services.

With all that being said, when is the best time to repair your roof? Should you wait a week or two before calling Houser Roofing for a free inspection? Should you call during the storm to get on their schedule? In this post, we aim to answer the questions for you.

When To Call Your Storm Damage Roof Repair Experts

A storm is on the way, and you’re worried it’s going to be a violent one. You frantically search online for ways to protect your roof during a storm. You find that the advice says, “wait it out” or “you can’t do much until after the storm.” This is accurate advice, unfortunately. However, here is what you can do instead of fretting about the integrity of your roof:

#1. Breathe

It’s important to remain calm. Unless the storm has fallen on the hurricane scale, your metal roof has a great chance at surviving it. Take a moment and reassure yourself that your home will be fine. Keep an eye on the news in case the storm gets bad enough that you need to evacuate. Otherwise, your roof will at least withstand the storm.

#2. Search For Local Roof Repair Companies

You can search, “storm damage roof repair near me” to find local roofers that can help you. How you choose the best roof repair company is entirely up to you. You want a reputable, trustworthy, honest company that will take care of you at a competitive rate, at the very least.



#3. Weather The Storm

At the time of the storm, keep your ears and eyes on the news in case of a sudden change in the weather. Otherwise, find ways to keep yourself occupied. Remain inside. Play board games with your family. Make the most out of the time you’ll get to spend with your loved ones. These moments are what make life special, and it may be a moment you remember forever. Don’t miss it.

#4. Call Your Local Roof Repair Professional

Once the storm is over, give your local roof repair expert a call. Before you schedule a roof inspection, ask to see if it’s free. In most cases, roofing companies that serve Katy will offer a free roof inspection with the goal of winning your business. In fact, get at least two inspections to compare notes and quotes on what it will cost to repair your roof.

Repair Your Roof After Storm Damage

If your roof sustains storm damage, you will want to repair it immediately. The potential for water damage or critter infestation only increases the potential damage you may sustain after a storm. At Houser Roofing, we offer free roof inspections to help you get an idea how your roof needs to be repaired and at what cost. Give us a call today or contact us through our website. We look forward to serving you.