As a homeowner, you will eventually need a new roof. There are a number of factors you will need to consider before purchasing a new roof like which material to use, how much of said material you need, and who to hire to install the roof. These factors and more contribute to the overall project, and you need answers before you get started.

In this post, your metal roofing specialists that have served Katy for the last 25 years will share how you can better prepare to get a new roof from choosing the material to who to hire.

You Need A New Roof

You will have your own reasons for wanting a new roof. Whether it’s because a door-to-door salesperson gave you a free roof inspection or it’s been 30 years since your current roof was installed, your roofing decisions are just as custom as the way you live your life.

Take notes on why you think you need a new roof. When you get to hiring a roofing specialist, they will ask you questions pertaining to this reason. If you can give them that reason up front, it will make their job easier and you will get to determine how much roofing material you actually need.

Determine Your Roofing Budget

A huge mistake homeowners make is that they dive into the new roof process without a budget established. This causes a few problems. The first is that most homeowners overspend when it comes to buying a new roof. They choose materials they are not able to afford at the time of their project, and they underestimate what they think the project will cost overall, leaving out labor, location, and potential change-order fees. Make sure you determine an overall budget and add 15 percent on top for anything unexpected.

Roofing Material Amount

One of two ways to determine the price your roofing material is how much of it you need to purchase. The second way is the cost of the material per unit (in most cases, this is per square foot). You can estimate the square footage of your roof and have that ready for your eventual roofing specialist, or you can at least know which materials you would prefer to use. This will give you an idea on unit price so that you can better understand how your roofing contractor bids your project.

Roofing Material Type

Once you determine the square footage of your roof, you will want to then begin thinking about the type of roofing material you want to use. Most homeowners choose their roofing material based on their budget. In most cases, you will be able to set a range for the material costs. As long as you stay within that range, you can purchase whichever material you want. Some homeowners collect five to seven different types of material and then narrow their options down to fit inside their budget. Some homeowners decide on style and design and narrow their options down to fit their budget, too. Determine a system that makes sense to you.

Find A Roofing Contractor / Specialist

As you’ve already probably done, get online and search your area for local roofing contractors. You can use your search engine of choice and utilize the following search terms to help you find the professionals:

  • “Roofing contractor Katy”
  • “Roofing contractor near me”
  • “Roofing specialist nearby”

There are plenty of other ways you can use your preferred search engine to find a contractor near you; however, you can use the search terms above to get you started.

You can also ask friends and family members who have recently had their roof replaced for referrals.

Next, you want to find a local roofer that serviced your area. Look for roofing companies that offer residential roofing services. Check to see if they provide the type of roofing materials you’ve chosen. In some cases, you will need to give the contractor a call and ask about their services and if they can help you.

Finally, you want to check their reviews on various platforms like Google My Business, BBB, Yelp, Top Rated Local® and their own website. You’re looking for positive reviews and the context of those reviews. Get a feel for how the company treats and interacts with their customers.

Get Roofing Quotes

If you’ve decided on two or three roofing contractors in your area, get estimates from them for your roofing project. This will involve a roofing specialist visiting your home and inspecting your roof. If you get a bid from a company without them taking a look at your roof, discard their estimate. You want a roofing company in Katy that is thorough and transparent.

Once you have your roofing quotes, compare them. Take the time to look at the costs, timelines, and overall service. Merge the information you found online while doing your research. Make sure the company you decide to go with is a great fit for you and your project. Any roofing company can provide quality service in a timely manner, but you want a company that does more — a company that takes care of you and your needs as well as your roof.

Sign A Roofing Contract

Finally, you will choose the company you want to work with and sign a contract. Review the contract for the payment schedule, estimated start and completion dates, and what is expected of you throughout the process. A great roofing contractor will walk you through the process and take the time to answer all questions and address any concerns.

Ready To Start Your New Roof Process?

Contact your South Texas metal roofing specialists in Sealy. We serve South Texas and the surrounding areas, including La Grange, Katy, and more. If you’re in interested in getting a quote or would like to get a roof inspection, call us today. Houser Roofing has been serving Katy homeowners for more than 25 years.